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It means "fast" in Italian. Velocé Tuning is redefining "fast". The rush of adrenalin as you step on the accelerator; the force of your body pressed against the seat as you shift in higher gears; the sound of exhilaration in your voice as the engine roars - now that’s fast. Velocé Tuning uses ECU (electronic control unit) tuning to release the horsepower that is trapped in your engine. Each tune is custom-designed for you and your car. Our head engineer and his team who have bought technology from Europe to Australia—who are car enthusiasts, just like you—have enhanced the technology to improve your car’s performance cost-effectively. We can dial in as much power as you want or need. It’s all up to you and your Velocé Tuning advisor. No matter what vehicle you drive, we can tune it all from hot hatches, exotics, supercars, motorcycles and much more. Feel free to contact one of our friendly staff today!

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